Sunday, December 19, 2010

NP set primer, brozing primer, Graftoban setting spray and Pupa Kokeshi

Firstly, I never paid much attention to the NP stuff in Target, it me it looks cheap and tacky and is still pretty expensive for a 'lower end' marketed product. I've tried a few things here and there and have not been impressed. Until now!

I had read some reviews on their pre foundation primer (on and the reviews were fairly good. So recently (last week!) Target had 30% off cosmetic packs/sets and there just happened to be a pack with the Primer in it! The Pack was a two for one, you got the pre-foundation primer and the bronzing foundation primer!

So far I'm really impressed with the pre foundation primer! It has made my foundation stay on long, sits nicely and your skin does feel silky smooth after applying it! In all honestly It does what it should do and that is what we buy it for! I'm super keen to try out the bronzing primer but I will have to wait until I do a bronzed person's makeup... clearly cant use it on my super pale face!

So If you are keen, get into the "red circle boutique"  this week and look for the Pack, I think its $39 and you get two primers and 30% off. Awesome.

Next we have the Graftobian Setting spray. I have never really used a setting spray (some people use hair spray!) to keep makeup on and smudge proof. I guess because I never have a problem with makeup smudging on my self... but its good to have in a kit! I've tried it a few times and was pleased to see that it felt light on the skin, not tight or sticky. Sprays on easily and does make you feel a bit more confident about the longevity of whats on your face! Those with oily skins, who work in humid climates or who have to wear make up on for a LONG time (air hostesses!) might be interested in trying this and seeing if it's a product for them!
I bought this from and it was under $8 i think!

Bronzing Primer, Setting Spray, pre foundation primer

Lastly we have the Pupa Koeshi Palette. I don't normally get into 'novelty' palettes but this is INSANELY cute and the makeup is really beautiful quality!
The palette is a little Japanese doll, and comes in 3 colours..I bought the white. Each different doll has different colours of makeup inside. When you open it, there are 6 eye shadows, 5 lip glosses, 2 blushes, a mirror and 1 applicator. Two of the eye shadows are on a fan which pulls out. SO CUTE! All the make up is embossed with a pattern and even her face. SO CUTE!! I hate the fact that I've used it, because I don't want to ruin it!

I have never used this brand before and it is really, really nice. The eye shadows are smooth and blend together beautifully!( I used it this morning, white, lilac and a kind of taupy colour eye shadows) I am planning on buying some of their plain rectangular palettes to give them a try! Such a lovely product and such lovely packaging! Everyone needs one of these little dolls. They are on right now too... such a steal! buy one!! BUY ONE!! and just so you DO, here is the link directly to them!

Kokeshi Closed

Kokeshi Open

Well, that is it until I buy more things!!

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