Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Graftobian High Definition Super Foundation Palette Warm and Neutral

Ive been researching Graftobian products for ages, and I have been using one of their palettes for a few months now. I finally received my second one in the mail today and I really do loooove it!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the foundation comes in Three 'super palettes'. They are separated into Neutral, Warm and Cool. I not have Neutral and Warm. I'm not sure it I will really need the cool range, but the cool super palette also comes with a few cream blushes. Each Palette contains 18 different colours.

The foundations are super creamy and have (clearly) a great range of colours. The warm palette is more yellow based which other reviews have said tend to suit more individuals.

I found that this foundation is best applied with a damp sponge, and blends in beautifully. You can blend any of the foundations together to get that perfect shade. From my experience, the foundation looks HORRIBLE when applied with a foundation brush alone. Streaky, uneven and gross!

Some have said it has a full coverage. I don't really feel that it does. I find that My Estee Lauder Double Wear has a thicker/fuller coverage than Graftobian, but Graftobian have a waaaaaaay better colour match.
While I do feel like I am wearing foundation, It still does not feel mask-like. In fact, the foundation is surprisingly light on the skin!

The Graftobian foundations are designed for HD. Brilliant for photos, HD television etc. This means there is no ashy/white effect caused by reflection of flash. Brilliant for bridal and the colours don't oxidize!! yay!!

Great choice of colours
Convienient packaging
Blends beautifully
Great for photos
Light on the skin
Surprisingly inexpensive
Medium coverage
Semi matte finish

Can only be purchased online (Cant test before purchase!!)
Medium coverage (I would prefer a full coverage)

As you can see, I have a lot more Pros than Cons :) I do not completely love the finish when looking super close up at my face, but it looks pretty damn good from a normal distance. I'm really happy with the colour (I mixed Graceful swan and Ingenue.... tomorrow m going to try just Ingenue on its own...) I am normally a NW20 in Mac studio fix and Ecru in Estee Lauder Double wear (and neither match me perfectly) I will have to update later on the staying power of this foundation!

I am yet to find the right powder, I ordered a 12 palette of Graftobian's HD powder foundations, which are awesome, but my colour is not on there! so I ordered another 6 of them (powder foundations not full palettes!!) So lets hope I find a winner when i get them! All of these can be bought from:


Left: Neutral Palette. Right: Warm Palette

If you are searching for a good quality foundation that responds great in photos or film, or if you want to suss out foundations for your own kit, these palettes are brilliant!! you can buy individual colours on their own and they are way cheaper... and better! than most foundations I've ever used (and yes, that means better than mac too)

For those who do want to invest, but do not want to/can afford to go all out and buy the super palettes, it has been recommended (http://www.inmykit.com/inmykit/foundation.htm) to buy the smaller 5 shade palettes. They say the "must have palettes are Neutral 1 & 3 and Warm 1 & 2 to cover most skin types for a kit.

These is also a comparison chart available so that you can see what colour you will be in Graftobian if you currently wear mac, etc.... I have heard that others feel its a tad off.. and I think I might too... but still, worth a look-see! http://www.paintandpowderstore.com/comparison_chart.pdf

 The names of the foundations in these two palettes are listed below!

Happy Shopping peoples!! ox

Neutral Palette:
Leading Lady
Glamour Girl
Cabaret Kitten
Broadway Star
Show Stopper
Screen Goddess
Warm Umber
Hidden Magic
Soft Whisp

Warm Palette:
Graceful Swan
Femme Fetale
Sunlit Linen
Desert Sand
Goldern Sunset
Winter Wheat
Deep Xanthe
Midnight Marigold
Burnt Amber


  1. I love it! I'm waiting for my order to come now. Thanks for this review can not wait to do mines

  2. what palette do you use more often eith clients? because I can`t decide is it better to buy warm or neutral palette...

  3. Makeup with graftobian is so natural and very easy to do.


  4. I really need help with shade matches. I currently have the neutral 1 palette which consist of Bombshell,Prima Donna leading lady sweetheart and glamour girl. I'm trying to convert to Cinema Secrets Ultimate foundation. I need my shade matches. I wanna buy the full size pots. please help someone.