Monday, March 14, 2011


Hey Peoples!

So I have started my list of items for sale! I'm sure I'll add more to it as I can...
Everything that is not new, has been tested with a clean brush or a disposable applicator = it's clean!!

If you are interested in any of the Items, Please send me a Private message on FACEBOOK

Everything is listed in Australian Dollars ($AU)

Due to working 6 days a week and going to uni, I would prefer to send out purchases, so I'm charging a flat fee of $4UA for shipping (so no matter how much you buy it will still only be $4 - I'll cover the rest! - International will be more though!) If you reaaaaaaallllllly want to pick it up, I'm sure we can organize something... maybe.. :D

I accept Paypal and direct deposit!

Any questions, Please again, ask me through FACEBOOK Private Message.

If you want to haggle prices, feel free! Enjoy!

MAC Creations Fragrance in 'Turquatic' In original Box - I actually really love this... but i just dont wear it enough... so off it goes! I think it has been sprayed maybe 3 or 4 times? If that! 20ML $38

Burberry Fragrance - Burberry Brit Sheer In original Box- 100ML As you can see in the pic, This perfume has barley been used. Looks brand new! $62

DOLCE & GABBANA  - D&G Anthology Series - #3 L' Imperatrice - 100mls in original box - sprayed less than 10 times, still full (see pics) beautiful fragrance!!! $58

Scott Barnes Pressed Bronzing Powder - In original Box
Colour = St.Tropez - IN BOX, Tried Once with a brush, applicator puff included has never been used $30

Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Compact Foundation.Im original Box - Tried twice with a brush. Comes with box and clean sponge! $30

Loreal True Match Foundation - colour W1 - Goldern Ivory - Used about 4 times, looks brand new/full $18

Revlon - ColourStay Mineral Finishing Powder in Brighten, great as a blush or highlighter. Used maybe twice. $12

Revlon Photo Ready Powder in Light/Medium - Used 3 times with a brush - The brush it comes with is NOT used. $18

Napoleon Perdis Mosaic Gleamer - Only tried twice if that. Small chip out of 2 squares in
right hand corner (see pic), Puff that comes with has a slight mark. Great as a Blush or Highlighter. $35

Napoleon Set Concealer set - 5 of the 5 palette concealers have been lightly used (only using disposable applicatiors). Applicatior brush that come s with it has never been used. $18

Stila Eyeshadow trio. Tried once. $22

SportsGirl blushes $6 Each. 1 in 'bright young thing' - pink and 1 in 'love is' - Peachy orange - both tried

Napoleon Set Palette - only 6 of the eyeshadows have been tested, nothing else has been touched! $28

Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo in sea and sky - used max 3 times. Small chip in the blue section. $30

Revlon - ColourStay 12 hour eyeshadow in #2 Coffee Bean - Used a few times. $8

Maybelline - Instant Age rewind under eye concealers first one (in packaging) is MEDIUM and brand new $5 and the 2nd one is LIGHT, not in packaging has been used twice $3

 Chi Chi - Eye shadows. orange has been used a few times, small crack in case $4, Purple has only been tested - $8.

Loreal true match Blush - Never used! in Nude brown. $10

 Bourjois - Blushes. #1 in Rose and #2 in Lune D'ore. Both have only been used a few times $8 each

 Coastal Scents Camouflage Concealer Palette - Great for a starting up a kit! 10 diff colours. barley used! $19

Maybelline Mineral Powder naturally Luminous Blush - used twice - In Gentle Pink $6
(oops forgot the picture!!)

Well! that is all i can handle Up loading for now!! Remember,r if you are interested, send me a Private message on Facebook!!! oxoxox

Monday, January 24, 2011

FOTD - Red and Black


With Flash
Without Flash
Without Flash
With Flash

What I Used
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Graftobian Glamour creme in Ingenue
Graftobian HD Powder in Cool Breeze
Shiseido Hydro-Powder in white lights as an eye primer
Mac Shadows: Gesso, carbon,
Napoleon colour disc, Yellow, Orange and Red
CoverGirl Lash Blast in Black
Mac Blush: Frankly Scarlet, Tenderling
Chantecaille Black eyeliner

Some random Lashes
Duo black glue (which is awesome!!)
Shiseido Lipstick: Perfect RougeRD 514
Graftobian Lipstick: Red
Academie Lipliner: 4306

Friday, January 21, 2011

Graftobian Lipstick Love!!!

Okay, so by now you are thinking that I am obsessed with Graftobian. So maybe I am. Is that so bad?

I guess I am just so pleased/amazed to have come across a good quality, high performing product that costs surprisingly very little.

Today I got three lipsticks. I just bought these because I wanted to test the quality and its always good to have some less 'normal' colours in your kit for all sorts of reasons! I bought a Bright Cherry Red , a Purple and Black.

Firstly these apply like a dream. The purple didn't seem as creamy as the others, but still applied really well. All are super pigmented. I chose the red because although I do own a million red lipsticks, I do not actually have one THIS BRIGHT RED. It's pretty cute. The black and purple are bound to come in handy at some stage!!

I'm well impressed with the quality and colour payoff of these! Check out the photos below. None of the lip sticks have a lip liner under them. Tomorrow I will wear the red and see how well it wears and stuff.

FUN!!! These are def worth checking out and the price point is so good that you can buy a couple and not feel guilty!! Considering high end lipsticks are usually $45AU and UP, these for approx. $8.00 (+P&H)AU are an absolute steal! (off ebay sellers!)  You can also get more 'usable' or 'normal' colours and even get these handy lip palettes (yes I have them  - they are brilliant! ahha) which work out even cheaper! you can get these again on ebay or usa sites, but if you want to keep it in Australia, buy them here-->

Next time you need a new lippy, check out some of the Graftobian colours and buy some stuff online, you'll love it!! Promise!!


Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have not done a face of the day at all on this blog! (only LJ - a LONG time ago... So here is my first for this blog! This was today's 'work' makeup!

What I Used:
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Graftobian Glamour creme in Ingenue
Graftobian HD Powder in Cool Breeze
Shiseido Hydro-Powder in white lights as an eye primer
Mac Shadows: Gesso, Stars n rockets, parfait amour, carbon, electric eel
Grape Pigment
Napoleon hot pink colour disc
CoverGirl Lash Blast in Black
Mac: Breath of plum blush

Ardell Lashes
Duo black glue (which is awesome!!)
Shiseido Lipstick: Perfect Rouge RS320
Perfect Rouge Pk419


Friday, January 14, 2011

New Stuff! Eye primer, eye lashes, eyelash glue, Graftobian powder and creme foundations

New stuffs in the mails!!! yaaaaaay!

Ive been feeling a bit poorly the past few days, so parcels in the mail make me feel better!

Firstly, Yesterday I received my full size Graftobian Creme foundation (in Ingenue) and pretty sure I love it!!!
The colour is great, easy to apply with a damp sponge and seems to wear well! These are a steal for $20 from

Graftobian Creme foundation in Ingenue and Powder in Cool Breeze

Cinema Secrets eye primer. I have been using Shiseido's Hydro-powder eye shadow in whitelights (H2) for my eyeshadow primer for the past few years and it's been amazing! However I thought I'd try the Cinema Secrets eye primer a try.
 So far work pretty much the same on me. No creasing, and the eyeshadow stays on all day! The main difference is that the Cinema Secrets eye primer is completely matte so what ever the finish of the eyeshadow is, is how it applies (frost, shimmer, matte etc).
The Shiseido one has shimmer through it, so no matter what eyeshadow you put on top of it, the shimmer shines through. I think I actually prefer the shisiedo one because the shimmer (is very minimal) almost gives the colour and texture more life. But there is a time and a place for both... so why not own both eh? haha

The Shiseido Hydro-Powder eyeshadow is $44 for a pot and I'm pretty sure my last one last me near 2 years! They come in heaps of diff colours and really are amazing. They blend beautifully with powder eye shadows or you can wear them on their own. THEY DO NOT CREASE!! Srsly amazing.
The Cimema Secrets is $22 and is apparently pretty much the same as the well loved Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion. Check it out here!

I also got a Z- Palette! I've been wanting one for a while and because  had a sale, I thought I may as well get one! Basically they come in 2 sizes (small and large) and are just an empty magnetized palette! This means that you can depot any of your eye shadows/blushes/powders/pretty much anything and they can all go in these palettes, no matter the size or shape! It's a great idea... i just have no idea what to out in mine? I know some people who prefer to use these over the mac eye shadow palettes because you can fit so many more in!  The case and plastic front seems to be pretty sturdy... Clearly i felt the need to own the leopard print one... they do come in other colours and a zebra print too!

Z-Palette, Cinema Secrets eye primer, Graftobian Creme Foundation    

Today In the mail I got lashes, lashes and more lashes!! whoo!! I bought a bunch off ebay. My fave branded lashes, Ardell! I love this brand so much because they are made from human hair!! They are super light so you can barely even feel them! I tend to use mostly the individuals on brides etc... for me they look the most natural, but still super impacting and you can pile on heaps!! I bought the "fashion glamour" lashes for my own use. They look lovely!!

I Also got the Duo Glue in DARK. Instead of having white glue on black lashes (it does dry clear but can take a while) this glue is a dark tone. This tube, compared to the normal duo surgical glue that I normally use it TINY (and actually labeled "lash glue") I'll give it a go tomorrow and see how it is. Claims that it is water proof too.

I also got my second palette and six more of the Graftobian powder foundations for my kit. I do like these a lot. Many reviews compare them to MAC's Studio fix - and claim its better - and cheaper. I'm still not 100% sure of my colour. So far I think I like 'Cool Breeze' but I want to try 'Fair Maiden' still (was sold out!). Once I finally decide on my fave colour, I'll buy it in the full compact form :) I bought these from

Ardell lashes, Duo glue, Empty palette, Graftobian refils, Disposable mascara wands.

I did a quick colour comparison between the Graftobian creme foundations and some Shiseido liquid foundations. So if you know your colour in Shiseido these are the colours I would recommend in Graftobian.

060----------Desert Sand
080----------Golden Sunset

I20----------Prima Donna
I60----------Broadway Star

Remember, these are just a suggestion! Everyone is different :)

Soooooo until i buy more :D:D

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Graftobian High Definition Super Foundation Palette Warm and Neutral

Ive been researching Graftobian products for ages, and I have been using one of their palettes for a few months now. I finally received my second one in the mail today and I really do loooove it!

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the foundation comes in Three 'super palettes'. They are separated into Neutral, Warm and Cool. I not have Neutral and Warm. I'm not sure it I will really need the cool range, but the cool super palette also comes with a few cream blushes. Each Palette contains 18 different colours.

The foundations are super creamy and have (clearly) a great range of colours. The warm palette is more yellow based which other reviews have said tend to suit more individuals.

I found that this foundation is best applied with a damp sponge, and blends in beautifully. You can blend any of the foundations together to get that perfect shade. From my experience, the foundation looks HORRIBLE when applied with a foundation brush alone. Streaky, uneven and gross!

Some have said it has a full coverage. I don't really feel that it does. I find that My Estee Lauder Double Wear has a thicker/fuller coverage than Graftobian, but Graftobian have a waaaaaaay better colour match.
While I do feel like I am wearing foundation, It still does not feel mask-like. In fact, the foundation is surprisingly light on the skin!

The Graftobian foundations are designed for HD. Brilliant for photos, HD television etc. This means there is no ashy/white effect caused by reflection of flash. Brilliant for bridal and the colours don't oxidize!! yay!!

Great choice of colours
Convienient packaging
Blends beautifully
Great for photos
Light on the skin
Surprisingly inexpensive
Medium coverage
Semi matte finish

Can only be purchased online (Cant test before purchase!!)
Medium coverage (I would prefer a full coverage)

As you can see, I have a lot more Pros than Cons :) I do not completely love the finish when looking super close up at my face, but it looks pretty damn good from a normal distance. I'm really happy with the colour (I mixed Graceful swan and Ingenue.... tomorrow m going to try just Ingenue on its own...) I am normally a NW20 in Mac studio fix and Ecru in Estee Lauder Double wear (and neither match me perfectly) I will have to update later on the staying power of this foundation!

I am yet to find the right powder, I ordered a 12 palette of Graftobian's HD powder foundations, which are awesome, but my colour is not on there! so I ordered another 6 of them (powder foundations not full palettes!!) So lets hope I find a winner when i get them! All of these can be bought from:

Left: Neutral Palette. Right: Warm Palette

If you are searching for a good quality foundation that responds great in photos or film, or if you want to suss out foundations for your own kit, these palettes are brilliant!! you can buy individual colours on their own and they are way cheaper... and better! than most foundations I've ever used (and yes, that means better than mac too)

For those who do want to invest, but do not want to/can afford to go all out and buy the super palettes, it has been recommended ( to buy the smaller 5 shade palettes. They say the "must have palettes are Neutral 1 & 3 and Warm 1 & 2 to cover most skin types for a kit.

These is also a comparison chart available so that you can see what colour you will be in Graftobian if you currently wear mac, etc.... I have heard that others feel its a tad off.. and I think I might too... but still, worth a look-see!

 The names of the foundations in these two palettes are listed below!

Happy Shopping peoples!! ox

Neutral Palette:
Leading Lady
Glamour Girl
Cabaret Kitten
Broadway Star
Show Stopper
Screen Goddess
Warm Umber
Hidden Magic
Soft Whisp

Warm Palette:
Graceful Swan
Femme Fetale
Sunlit Linen
Desert Sand
Goldern Sunset
Winter Wheat
Deep Xanthe
Midnight Marigold
Burnt Amber

Sunday, December 19, 2010

NP set primer, brozing primer, Graftoban setting spray and Pupa Kokeshi

Firstly, I never paid much attention to the NP stuff in Target, it me it looks cheap and tacky and is still pretty expensive for a 'lower end' marketed product. I've tried a few things here and there and have not been impressed. Until now!

I had read some reviews on their pre foundation primer (on and the reviews were fairly good. So recently (last week!) Target had 30% off cosmetic packs/sets and there just happened to be a pack with the Primer in it! The Pack was a two for one, you got the pre-foundation primer and the bronzing foundation primer!

So far I'm really impressed with the pre foundation primer! It has made my foundation stay on long, sits nicely and your skin does feel silky smooth after applying it! In all honestly It does what it should do and that is what we buy it for! I'm super keen to try out the bronzing primer but I will have to wait until I do a bronzed person's makeup... clearly cant use it on my super pale face!

So If you are keen, get into the "red circle boutique"  this week and look for the Pack, I think its $39 and you get two primers and 30% off. Awesome.

Next we have the Graftobian Setting spray. I have never really used a setting spray (some people use hair spray!) to keep makeup on and smudge proof. I guess because I never have a problem with makeup smudging on my self... but its good to have in a kit! I've tried it a few times and was pleased to see that it felt light on the skin, not tight or sticky. Sprays on easily and does make you feel a bit more confident about the longevity of whats on your face! Those with oily skins, who work in humid climates or who have to wear make up on for a LONG time (air hostesses!) might be interested in trying this and seeing if it's a product for them!
I bought this from and it was under $8 i think!

Bronzing Primer, Setting Spray, pre foundation primer

Lastly we have the Pupa Koeshi Palette. I don't normally get into 'novelty' palettes but this is INSANELY cute and the makeup is really beautiful quality!
The palette is a little Japanese doll, and comes in 3 colours..I bought the white. Each different doll has different colours of makeup inside. When you open it, there are 6 eye shadows, 5 lip glosses, 2 blushes, a mirror and 1 applicator. Two of the eye shadows are on a fan which pulls out. SO CUTE! All the make up is embossed with a pattern and even her face. SO CUTE!! I hate the fact that I've used it, because I don't want to ruin it!

I have never used this brand before and it is really, really nice. The eye shadows are smooth and blend together beautifully!( I used it this morning, white, lilac and a kind of taupy colour eye shadows) I am planning on buying some of their plain rectangular palettes to give them a try! Such a lovely product and such lovely packaging! Everyone needs one of these little dolls. They are on right now too... such a steal! buy one!! BUY ONE!! and just so you DO, here is the link directly to them!

Kokeshi Closed

Kokeshi Open

Well, that is it until I buy more things!!