Friday, January 14, 2011

New Stuff! Eye primer, eye lashes, eyelash glue, Graftobian powder and creme foundations

New stuffs in the mails!!! yaaaaaay!

Ive been feeling a bit poorly the past few days, so parcels in the mail make me feel better!

Firstly, Yesterday I received my full size Graftobian Creme foundation (in Ingenue) and pretty sure I love it!!!
The colour is great, easy to apply with a damp sponge and seems to wear well! These are a steal for $20 from

Graftobian Creme foundation in Ingenue and Powder in Cool Breeze

Cinema Secrets eye primer. I have been using Shiseido's Hydro-powder eye shadow in whitelights (H2) for my eyeshadow primer for the past few years and it's been amazing! However I thought I'd try the Cinema Secrets eye primer a try.
 So far work pretty much the same on me. No creasing, and the eyeshadow stays on all day! The main difference is that the Cinema Secrets eye primer is completely matte so what ever the finish of the eyeshadow is, is how it applies (frost, shimmer, matte etc).
The Shiseido one has shimmer through it, so no matter what eyeshadow you put on top of it, the shimmer shines through. I think I actually prefer the shisiedo one because the shimmer (is very minimal) almost gives the colour and texture more life. But there is a time and a place for both... so why not own both eh? haha

The Shiseido Hydro-Powder eyeshadow is $44 for a pot and I'm pretty sure my last one last me near 2 years! They come in heaps of diff colours and really are amazing. They blend beautifully with powder eye shadows or you can wear them on their own. THEY DO NOT CREASE!! Srsly amazing.
The Cimema Secrets is $22 and is apparently pretty much the same as the well loved Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion. Check it out here!

I also got a Z- Palette! I've been wanting one for a while and because  had a sale, I thought I may as well get one! Basically they come in 2 sizes (small and large) and are just an empty magnetized palette! This means that you can depot any of your eye shadows/blushes/powders/pretty much anything and they can all go in these palettes, no matter the size or shape! It's a great idea... i just have no idea what to out in mine? I know some people who prefer to use these over the mac eye shadow palettes because you can fit so many more in!  The case and plastic front seems to be pretty sturdy... Clearly i felt the need to own the leopard print one... they do come in other colours and a zebra print too!

Z-Palette, Cinema Secrets eye primer, Graftobian Creme Foundation    

Today In the mail I got lashes, lashes and more lashes!! whoo!! I bought a bunch off ebay. My fave branded lashes, Ardell! I love this brand so much because they are made from human hair!! They are super light so you can barely even feel them! I tend to use mostly the individuals on brides etc... for me they look the most natural, but still super impacting and you can pile on heaps!! I bought the "fashion glamour" lashes for my own use. They look lovely!!

I Also got the Duo Glue in DARK. Instead of having white glue on black lashes (it does dry clear but can take a while) this glue is a dark tone. This tube, compared to the normal duo surgical glue that I normally use it TINY (and actually labeled "lash glue") I'll give it a go tomorrow and see how it is. Claims that it is water proof too.

I also got my second palette and six more of the Graftobian powder foundations for my kit. I do like these a lot. Many reviews compare them to MAC's Studio fix - and claim its better - and cheaper. I'm still not 100% sure of my colour. So far I think I like 'Cool Breeze' but I want to try 'Fair Maiden' still (was sold out!). Once I finally decide on my fave colour, I'll buy it in the full compact form :) I bought these from

Ardell lashes, Duo glue, Empty palette, Graftobian refils, Disposable mascara wands.

I did a quick colour comparison between the Graftobian creme foundations and some Shiseido liquid foundations. So if you know your colour in Shiseido these are the colours I would recommend in Graftobian.

060----------Desert Sand
080----------Golden Sunset

I20----------Prima Donna
I60----------Broadway Star

Remember, these are just a suggestion! Everyone is different :)

Soooooo until i buy more :D:D

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