Friday, January 21, 2011

Graftobian Lipstick Love!!!

Okay, so by now you are thinking that I am obsessed with Graftobian. So maybe I am. Is that so bad?

I guess I am just so pleased/amazed to have come across a good quality, high performing product that costs surprisingly very little.

Today I got three lipsticks. I just bought these because I wanted to test the quality and its always good to have some less 'normal' colours in your kit for all sorts of reasons! I bought a Bright Cherry Red , a Purple and Black.

Firstly these apply like a dream. The purple didn't seem as creamy as the others, but still applied really well. All are super pigmented. I chose the red because although I do own a million red lipsticks, I do not actually have one THIS BRIGHT RED. It's pretty cute. The black and purple are bound to come in handy at some stage!!

I'm well impressed with the quality and colour payoff of these! Check out the photos below. None of the lip sticks have a lip liner under them. Tomorrow I will wear the red and see how well it wears and stuff.

FUN!!! These are def worth checking out and the price point is so good that you can buy a couple and not feel guilty!! Considering high end lipsticks are usually $45AU and UP, these for approx. $8.00 (+P&H)AU are an absolute steal! (off ebay sellers!)  You can also get more 'usable' or 'normal' colours and even get these handy lip palettes (yes I have them  - they are brilliant! ahha) which work out even cheaper! you can get these again on ebay or usa sites, but if you want to keep it in Australia, buy them here-->

Next time you need a new lippy, check out some of the Graftobian colours and buy some stuff online, you'll love it!! Promise!!



  1. Oh wow, loving that purple (I have a thing for purple lipsticks)

    Will definitely have to check these out and see if I can get Graftobian in the UK.